Sunday September 23, 2018


CFT Group Warm-up

STRENGTH: Shoulder Press 3x5

WOD: 20 Seconds Work / 10 Seconds Rest while moving to the next movement -HSPU -Pull-ups -T2B -Burpees

Sorry morning and noon crew... no pics of you. So, before the evening class - I came in to do some strength training and this is what I find hanging from the 15# bumper as I try to load the bar!

Of course this happens when I'm by myself... If any of you know me - I'm not a fan of spiders, so I got an extra warm-up trying to muster up the energy and courage to kill this monster.  See the brown dot in the paper towel???  I win!

Well, the evening crew was set to do the scheduled WOD, but Tommy came in and got everyone in favor to do yesterday's WOD...

Way to do work, crew!


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