Friday January 24, 2020

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Why CrossFit “Transformation?”


When we first opened in 2009, we chose the name CrossFit Transformation because it best represents our goal with our members – to TRANSFORM them. What you see in these pictures is just a small fraction of the true transformation we are aiming for. Sure, CrossFit will help you look better naked but that is not the ultimate goal of the Transformation. That is actually just a nice "side benefit". The real goal is to transform your body into the healthiest it can be to significantly increase your strength, power, endurance, flexibility, coordination, agility, accuracy, speed, stamina, and balance. But even more than that, we aim to transform your mind and your spirit. To build confidence in your abilities; To help you learn how to take your drive and intensity to a whole new level – both inside and outside the gym; To transform that little voice inside your head that whispers “I Can’t”, into a loud, confident voice that shouts “I Can!” And lastly, we aim to Transform your relationships. You will build close friendships with other members at Crossfit Transformation, similar to those built among teammates in competitive sports or by comrades going into battle together. We guarantee you will feel support and encouragement from other CrossFit Transformation members in a way that is unmatched in the typical anonymous gym.


So yes, you will look better in a bathing suit, but our goal is to Transform your mind and body into the healthiest and fittest you have ever been in your life. Call us now to start YOUR Transformation.



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