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The CrossFit Transformation Coaches are all Level 1 Certified CrossFit Trainers. Beyond that, we all share a passion for greatly improving the fitness level of our members.  We will ensure your training is safe, effective, and fun.





Sarah faceMy name is Sarah Lipsy, and since high school I have had a great passion for working out.  In 2007 I turned my passion into my career as a Certified Personal Trainer. In March of 2012 I decided to try out this new thing I kept hearing everyone talk about... CrossFit. I was instantly hooked! I never played sports as a kid and CrossFit brought out a competitive side in me that I couldn't get enough of. I soon registered for my first local competition and knew that I wouldn't be satisfied until I one day made it to Regionals! CrossFit has been much more than exercise for me. Being in the fitness industry for a good part of my adult life has put a lot of stress on me in terms of body image issues.  Now for the first time in my life, I'm more concerned about what my body can do rather than how my body looks. I take pride sarah prowlerin being able to say I can squat more than a lot of guys and can push more than my body weight over my head! I wanted to share this same feeling with my clients, friends and family, which is why in I also became a Certified CrossFit trainer. Every time one of my athletes leaves the gym, I want them to feel like they accomplished something they never thought they could do ... “life begins at the end of your comfort zone".


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • Certified Personal Trainer - International Sports Science Association
  • First Aid/AED/CPR Certified
  • B.S. Exercise Science - University of Buffalo 



Jim likes to do anything physically active, especially if it involves a little (or a lot) of adrenaline. He is an Elite 2 Class Masters Alpine Ski Racer, and he has been clocked at over 60 MPH on skis during a race. When he is not racing down mountains, he spends his time climbing up them. He is a mountaineer who has climbed in Alaska, California, Mt. Washington, NH (famous for having the worst weather in the world), as well as in the Alps in Switzerland, France, and Italy. He is also into climbing frozen waterfalls and glacier trekking. When it is not cold outside, Jim can be found waterskiing, rock climbing, kayaking, fencing, skydiving, riding dirt bikes, or riding his road bike – often on 100 mile rides. He has also competed in several triathlons and 5K and 10K races.

Jim spent many years doing various “boot camps” in pursuit of intense, varied workouts. When he discovered CrossFit in 2008, he knew immediately it was the thing for him.  At nearly 50 years old, he found that CrossFit quickly helped him acheive the best fitness level in his life. That experience led him to pursue Crossfit Level 1 Certification, so he could share his passion for CrossFit with others.   He is an information “junkie,” constantly reading books and articles and watching videos on various forms of exercise and fitness, as well as on diet and nutrition.


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Running & Endurance
  • Crossfit Nutrition
  • Certified USAW Olympic Weightlifting Coach




JessIn 2009, I graduated college and ended what I thought would be my last season in competitive sports. I called my trainer from high school and he told me to get back in to see him and he introduced me to CrossFit. As most do, I fell in love with the CrossFit community and that competition. In the last few years, I have worked as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness instructor at Champions Fitness. I was always looking for a way to include the CrossFit lifestyle into my training. I attained my Strength and Conditioning Certification, and I am so excited to have gotten my Level 1 Trainer Certification for CrossFit. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity now to coach at CrossFit Transformation and show new CrossFitters what it is all about. Sport Specific Training and Coaching has always been the path I wanted to take my career, and with Crossfit Kids I will be able to help young athletes reach their full potential. I love the idea of teaching kids the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle before they create bad habits that are hard to break as we get older. Making fitness fun isn’t easy, but CrossFit and CrossFit Kids do an amazing job of always leaving you wanting more. I teach all the early morning CrossFit classes at CrossFit Transformation. Come give it a try... getting up and getting your workout in early can change your whole day.. hope to see you there!


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with International Sports Science Association
  • First Aid/AED/CPR Certified
  • B.S. Physical Education/Exercise Phisiology - SUNY at Brockport




AlexAthletics and fitness have always been a crucial part of my life.  Hockey, crew, and boxing were just a few of my passions.  Eating healthy and exercising regularly kept my energy levels high and my body strong, but I wanted more.  I experienced my first CrossFit workout at the age of 19, her name was Fran.  Lying on the ground I asked "what is this called?" a friend of mine replied CrossFit. The high level of intensity and the complexity of each workout was exactly what I was looking for.  Each day has become a learning experience.  This lifestyle, the community, and the coaches have exceeded all expectations.  CrossFit allows me to express myself in everyday activities, whether, it’s working or competing. I aim to instill the same positive effect on others, as my coaches have had on me.



  • CrossFit Level 1



EmilyI have always had a passion for fitness. It started at a young age as a competitive figure skater. I continued skating and teaching until I was 24. After that, I competed in triathlons. I competed in numerous triathlons until I discovered CrossFit in March 2012. I loved the concept of my workouts being aimed for time. Exercising was not about looking good in the mirror anymore. It was about being healthy and strong. "6packs don't set Personal Records, hard work and dedication does.”  I recently received my CrossFit L1 Certification, and I've been coaching since. It's been an amazing experience. I know what it took to take my fitness to the next level, and I look forward to helping each and every one of you achieve those goals.


  • Crossfit Level  1




Zach has been involved in a large variety of sports for most of his life. In high school he was a multi sport athlete. He was most passionate about wrestling and alpine ski racing, both of which involve very extensive training. He seemed to really excel on the mountain and decided to continue his racing career in college. He raced for Northern Michigan University.  In addition, has trained extensively at the United States Olympic Education Center for Olympic Weightlifting. When he was introduced to CrossFit, he as immediately hooked.  He loved to train, and the “Sport of Fitness” just seemed like a perfect fit. Training to perfect the technical lifts (Snatch and Clean  Jerk) became his passion and he loved helping others learn to perform more effectively. After about a year of CrossFit and seeing the effects of CrossFit first hand, he decided to get Certified to help others out there reach their peeks in human performance.

  • CrossFit Level 1



















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