Friday January 24, 2020

Written by Sarah Lipsy

Hey guys just finished mapping out a tentative schedule for April's Festivus Games. This time line is based off of 120 athletes, we currently have 99 registered so it is subject to change based off of the number of athletes!!! But tentatively here it is...

8am-8:45am- registration 
8:45am-9:15- WOD 1,2,and 3 briefing 
9:30am-11am- Wod 1
11am-11:30am- intermission to reset the floor 
11:30am-1pm- Wod 2
1pm-1:15pm- reset for wod 3
1:20pm-2:50- Wod 3
2:50pm-3:15pm- intermission for top 5 
3:30pm-4pm- Final Wod

**again this is subject to change!**

All heat assignments will be given the day of! In an effort to keep things running smoothly and quickly all athletes will have different heat assignments for each wod. The heats will be made alphabetically to try and keep things fair!





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