Friday September 21, 2018

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CFT Standard Warm-up and Mobility

Strength: Deadlift 1 @ 80% every 15 seconds for 5 mins (21 total reps)

Bench Press 3 x 10 Remember: All reps must be performed with the hips (ass) in contact with the bench.

Strict Weighted Pull-ups 3 x 10 Pull-ups do not have to be unbroken, but sets should not take longer than 30 seconds. *Perform the pull-ups while they you're waiting to bench press. If you use a band try going down a band.

WOD: 30 KB Snatches - 15 L/15 R (24/16kg) 25 Wall Balls (20/14# - 10') Notes: Reps for KB Snatch may be apportioned in any manner as long as equal reps are performed on both arms.

Extra Credit: 3 x ME Strict T2B Rest 45 sec. 3 x 10 Strict GH Raise Rest 45 sec.


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