Friday September 21, 2018

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CFT Standard Group Warm-up plus Burgener's Warm-Up then Junk Yard Dogs x 2

Skill Work: Snatch Drills w/ PVC

WOD: S-N-A-T-C-H Find your 1 RM

Ohhh, that PR BELL... how sweet it sounds, right?!   Especially if it's you who is ringing it to celebrate the simple victory you came here to do... Achieve something you never EVER thought you would!

I love seeing posts like : "I finally did it!" or "Thank you Scott, Steph, Paul,  Joey, Kit, Jake. Carey, or Zach for teaching me how to do that!" They remind me of why I started CFT in the first place... To create a place which has the following: -Real People -using Real Fitness -and gaining Real Results!

But it's gonna take work! The kind of work that every one of you always say is "impossible" or that you "Can't do" Guess what? You can and you will.

You can achieve the impossible... Like when one of our members who said she could never do a pull-up and now does 10 in a row or the time when another member said that there is no way she could stand up on her hands, and now does multiple HSPUs!

That is what the PR Bell is really for... For you to stand up and finally ring a bell for YOURSELF! YOU DID IT! Not any of the CFT Coaches... just YOU! We are just the folks who make sure you're doing it right and that you don't give up on yourself.

Remember, The only person that can make you faster, better, stronger is YOU! SO... WHAT ARE YOU GOING DO NEXT TO RING THAT BELL?


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