Sunday September 23, 2018

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In Honor of the 31 American Soldiers who were killed yesterday and our Navy Seal teams... This WOD was inspired from

CFT Standard Group Warm-up 50 Seal Jacks (like jumping jacks but hands clap in front) Run through quick progression of Back Squat, Front Squat and C & J: 5 x each w/ PVC

WOD: 400 m run 30 x jumping lunges (each lunge counts - back knee must touch ground) 30 x push ups 30 x sit ups 400 m run 25 x Chest to Bar pull ups 25 overhead walking lunge weightless bar (arms are locked in overhead position) 25 seal jacks 400 m run 20 x back squats (135/95# clean/press to rack position- no rack) 20 x front squats 20 x clean & jerk

For Next Week Only: The 12n class for tomorrow and Wednesday will be switched to 11a!


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