Monday October 14, 2019


Well, the day has come and gone and it all seems like a blur to me!  However the soreness that I felt yesterday kept me mindful that it was a day of crazy-fun! All the chaotic planning and stress that goes along with organizing Battle of the Boxes is worth it when I think of what Saturday entailed. I say it all the time... CrossFit is an amazing community and I'm so glad I am a part of it. I loved hearing about all of the accomplishments that happened on Saturday.  I was told by several athletes that they set a PR on their back squat or that it was their first time to do a 24" box jump, first time to do a pistol, HSPU, rope climb, etc. Who gives up their whole Saturday to spend working out? We do... We are a crazy group of people! CrossFit to me is a group of people who share the same passion about a workout regime and continue to carry on about it because they love the results they see and feel from it. The best quote I heard on Saturday (which was during WOD #5), "CrossFit is F'ing awesome... people just swinging on rings and climbing ropes - for fun!"  I think the quote stuck with me because I looked around to see a warehouse turned into an adult playground - a jungle, so to speak!  Axle said it's filled with fun and games, right? Some people might call it a cult... so be it! I wouldn't have it any other way. I drank the kool-aid and I'd follow any CrossFitter into the jungle!            

Stellar performance by everyone who came out to compete on Saturday.

Congrats to the top 3 teams: 1st Place: CrossFit 614 (Ohio) 2nd Place: CrossFit Transformation (Team 1) 3rd Place: Practice CrossFit (Ohio)

Results for Battle of the Boxes 2011!

A huge thanks to all the judges, volunteers, and sponsors to help make the day run smoothly, and to the spectators for coming out and cheering us on! The atmosphere was intense. Scott, Kit and Joe... You each had your own tasking in the BoB and words alone can't express my gratitude for your assistance - just know that your help was much appreciated!

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