Thursday October 17, 2019

Written by Sarah Lipsy

Thursday 12/4/14-
WU: 3min bear crawl +10min mobility

Skill: 1. Alt kb bent over rows 3x10 each arm w/1min rest 
2. 3x20 band pull a parts w/1 min rest 
3.HSPU progression week 3
A- spend no more then 3min working on kicking up into the wall with control (review any steps needed from previous weeks) 
B- spend no more then 5 min working on headstand to push up first on the floor then in the wall 
C- spend no more then 3 min working on headstand to push up on the wall with 1/2 body length distance 
* you do not move forward in the progression until you can successfully compete the step you are on*

Wod: 8 min AMRAP
12 KBS (2/1.5)
10 box jumps 



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