Sunday September 23, 2018

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Gnarly Nick's Mobility 101

Skill: Nick's KB complex then Max # of Burpees ever :30 for 3 minutes

WOD: 2 Min ME Front Squats (75/55#) *Rest 2 mins* 10 Min AMRAP~ 30 DU 15 Power Snatches (75/55#) *Rest 2 mins* 2 Min ME Front Squats (75/55#)

 During winter months, we tell you to come prepared for anything outside- running, flipping tires, prowler pushes, etc. We used to post our WODs the night before for the following day but we experienced too many people picking and choosing what days they want to come to because of what WOD was posted the evening prior to coming to the box, aka - "cherry picker." This ended because  we want to prepare you for life... you can't tell an armed robber to pause because there is 3" of snow on the ground, right?  Thus, your workout shouldn't have to pause either! So, now we post the WOD the evening of.  We figured it's better to surprise you when you enter the box... plus if you still decide you don't like the movements and leave, we just might poke fun of you! Are you a Cherry Picker?


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