Monday February 24, 2020

Written by Sarah Lipsy

Attention all Athletes for the April 2015 Festivus Games,

We have mapped out below a tentative schedule for this coming Saturday. The competition at this time is completely capped at 135 athletes. While our gym is quite large, we also have 5 vendors for the day (Fork2Fit, Nurtishop Dewitt, Tango Charlie Apparel, Ab Freak Apparel, and Lululemon Syracuse show room), and hopefully many spectators. The entire back of CrossFit Transformation will be available to athletes only, however it is going to be a tight fit so if the weather is nice we encourage you to rest in between wods outdoors. Also as athletes you have full use of the Champions Fitness Locker room and Gym if you wish to warm up between wods over there. There will be a small warm up area in Transformation as well. Make sure to bring water and snacks for the day! We will do our best to stick to the timeline below, but please understand sometimes things go wrong. Looking forward to a great day on Saturday! Rest up and Get Ready to Wod!!!


Saturday 4/18:

8am-8:45am- registration

8:45am-9:15- WOD 1,2,and 3 briefing

9:30am-11am- Wod 1

11am-11:30am- intermission to reset the floor

11:30am-1pm- Wod 2

1pm-1:15pm- reset for wod 3

1:20pm-3:00pm- Wod 3

3:00pm-3:30pm- intermission for top 5

3:45pm-4:30pm- Final Wod


****All heat assignments will be given the day of! In an effort to keep things running smoothly and quickly all athletes will have different heat assignments for each wod. The heats will be made alphabetically to try and keep things fair!

***Please make sure the day of you are paying attention to whats going on, if you miss your heat there is no promising that we will be able to get you into another one!!!!!!!!!


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