Tuesday March 20, 2018

Written by Sarah Lipsy

Wednesday 12/10/14-
WU: Coaches Choice +2x 10 PVC shrugs/ 10 PVC high pulls/ 10 med ball cleans ** clean grip on the pvc**
-take 5-7 min to roll/stretch-

Skill: Cleans (week1)
A- at 50% max clean: 6 sets of 2 squat cleans w/1 min rest **we are working on bar path and timing for dropping under the bar
B- at 90% of max clean: 5 sets of 1 clean pull (from the ground) w/90 sec rest **we are working again on bar path and the timing of your pull

Wod: 7 min AMRAP 
Front squats (155/105)
Over the bar burpees 
**every round you increase by one rep



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