Saturday September 22, 2018

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As I write this post, a nursery rhyme song from the past is playing in my mind... "make new friends, but keep the old - one is silver and the other is gold!" Today CFT had "Bring a Friend" day and we had a great turnout and afterwards we had a "shenanigans" Farewell WOD for one of our trainers who has been with us since we opened, Bret!

I make this a lengthy farewell post because this is the first time a trainer is leaving CFT that doesn't have ties to Michigan and won't be coming back to visit a relative, etc.  It actually brought me to tears when Bret said that he gave his key to Kit... If Crossfit Transformation were a bar, Bret would definitely have his personal beer mug hanging behind the counter and a favorite barstool conformed to his butt cheeks. He has been a mainstay in the gym since we have opened, it’s tough to find someone who doesn’t know Bret.  He would continually eclipse the Thursday night classes by cheering on the members. If you ever arrived there early, you would find the spider monkey (Bret) testing out his skills setting up obstacles by trying to make it around the box without touching the ground!  LoL!  Bret may not be one of the big dawgs you see in CrossFit but he definitely stood his ground by maintaining the same weight as them!  That may be because Bret is an incredibly humble guy that just doesn’t want you to notice how much of an animal he is.  Bret consistently puts up huge numbers which is amazing for someone of his size. A U.S. Coast Guard rescue swimmer, Bret has been one of the BEST marketers for the gym, attracting in members from the military. Not many people love CFT as much as Bret does. In fact the only things that overcome his fondness for CFT and CrossFit are his love for his wife, Jen, and gorgeous little girl, Mya. If you ever want to see the brightest smile you have ever seen ask him how his little one is doing. So its not surprising he does whatever it takes to make them as happy as they can be. That being said its with heavy hearts that we must say goodbye to one of the gyms most indelible members as Bret as he will be moving to North Carolina on Tuesday. While its tough to see you go, Bret, we here at CFT wish you all the best in your move. You and Jen are going to be incredible parents to little Mya and will have an amazing opportunity to raise a family with room to grow. I can sincerely speak for everyone here and say that you are an irreplaceable part of the family and you will be sorely missed….. We wish you luck in your move and hope you better keep in touch.

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