Thursday October 17, 2019

Written by Sarah Lipsy

Monday 3/2/15-
WU: light warm up then 10x PVC- snatch shrugs/ high pulls/ muscle snatch/ OHS/ RDL 

Skill: take 10 min to work up to 80% of your max snatch and work on catching it in a full snatch (aka- squats snatch)

Wod: open wod 15.1&15.1a (retest) 
15 min running clock 
9 min AMRAP 
15 t2b/ hanging knee raises 
10 deadlifts (115/75)/ (85/55)
5 snatch (115/75)/ (85/55)

Immediately following...

6 min to establish: 
1 rm clean& jerk

** if you have already done the wod on Saturday and have no interest in retesting, you may utilize the wod for open gym! This is ONLY an option if you have already done it**


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