Thursday October 17, 2019

Written by Sarah Lipsy

Monday 2/2/15-
WU: 500m row+ 2x 15 air squats/ 15 PVC snatch/ 30 alt supermen

Skill: snatch (week1)
1. Review and break down the first pull of the snatch 
2. 8 min clock: build to a heavy wt for a 5 sec count 1st snatch pull while maintaining good form 
3. At 50% of max snatch 5 sets of 2 snatch balance w/1 min rest 
- work on dropping under the bar
-bar position on catch 
-foot positioning on start and catch

Wod: 2 rounds for time 
60 DU 
40 deadlifts (175/115)
20 cal row 
-15 min cap-



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